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The Duang Prateep Souvenir & Handicraft Shop sells and distributes handicrafts stemming from the skills of rural communities and groups in order to promote an occupation for them and supplement their income. Their work makes use of locally available natural materials, and the producers include women's groups, children,  among others. Besides helping these people to develop an occupation and increase their income, a part of the profits is contributed toward the costs of administering activities of the Duang Prateep Foundation, activities that also assist poor children and needy people.

Products sold include:
1. Books
2. Souvenir items
3. Batik cloth products
4. Items made from coconut shells
5. Cloth products
6. Benjarong ceramic crockery
7. Greetings Cards

Contact: dpf_found@hotmail.com , duangprateepf@gmail.com

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