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   New Home for Fire Victims 
New Homes for Fire Victims

Khru Prateep and DPF staff joined a July 16 ceremony to begin construction of new housing for victims of the 2016 fire in the Rim Klong Wat Sapan community. A total of 15 families whose houses were razed to the ground will get new homes. The Community Organization Development Institute (CODI) co-ordinated the rebuilding project and contributed 43,000 baht per house. The Duang Prateep Foundation donated 500,000 baht towards the reconstruction, with other organizations, including the Human Development Foundation, also making valuable contributions. Also participating in the ceremony to help the poor families were the Director of the Klong Toey District Office and a representative of the Port Authority of Thailand, on whose land the community is located.( ѹ18/07/2560 )
   Cultural Support to Kids  
Children in communities have lived idlely on their holiday. It may lead them to be good or bad. Such activities is invented to direct children to proper ways. This photo was a half day activity held near the foundation.( ѹ18/07/2560 )
   Wednesday turns to Elder citizen's Day in Community 
The Elder lives in home lonely while their sapling working, there are also elder living woithout one. therefore, the Elderly program has welcomed all of them from far and near on wednesday from 10.00 AM.to 2.00 PM. at the Duang Prateep Foundation compound.( ѹ18/07/2560 )
   2017, Sponsor meeted their children 
Mr.John Hodson, 21 March 2017, came to meet his sponsor children at the Duang Prateep Foundation office.( ѹ18/07/2560 )
   The Mementos of Good Youths,Community Role Models 
This project was set up to curb the growing drug problem among youths and children, by holding up worthy role-models from among their peers. It helps to change destructive thinking and behaviours, while demonstrating a better vision for the future.

Members participate in anti-drug and awareness campaigns in the community, and the project bestows annual awards for youths displaying determination in developing themselves and their community, The ward is named "Outstanding Youth-Role models for the Community"( ѹ02/11/2558 )
   Prateep Ungsontham Hata Award 
Social Helper Award, such as the annual "Prateep Ungsongtham Hata Award" The ward is given to individuals who have benefitted society, in terms of social development.( ѹ02/11/2558 )
   The fight goes on for Bangkok's 'Angel of the slums' 
Despite the international awards and celebrity status, Prateep Unsongthan Hata continues a lifelong battel to improve the lives of her fellow residents in Klong Toey.( ѹ18/10/2556 )
   Annual sponsorship ceremony,2012 
( ѹ07/01/2556 )
   Nagasaki International Group 
( ѹ07/01/2556 )
   Child Development Workers, Bhutan 
( ѹ07/01/2556 )

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