Slum Angel of Bangkok 
The angel is one of the world's great go-to metaphors: Touched by an Angel, Angel Airlines, Angel Island, fallen angel and that most exalted of compliments, You're an angel. Los Angeles is a rookie pretender; Bangkok has been celebrated as the City of Angels for centuries. So it's not surprising that a remarkable Thai woman named Prateep Ungsongtham has been revered as Bangkok's Angel of the Slums for going on 30 years. What is surprising is that she's a former wsu student whose own personal angel, albeit in disguise, was a retired farmer from Newton, Kan., named John Liggett.( ѹ10/05/2555 )
   Life after the Senate 
For Prateep Ungsongtham Hata, former slum activist and now former senator, the campaign for a better life for the poor continues( ѹ10/05/2555 )
   The sweet smell of success 
Garland maker Raya Taengnagm had never in her life thought of entering computer classes, as the technology seemed out of her reach. Today, she not only knows her way around a computer, she's using it to run her business.( ѹ10/05/2555 )
   A Day in the Life of Prateep 
Rangsita Sirivanich follows a day in the life of Prateep Ungsongtham Hata, the woman who has been hailed as Slums Angel for her dedication to educating children in Bangkoks Klong Toey slum area and who is still very actively known as one of Thailands top social workers.( ѹ08/05/2555 )
   Montessori classrooms 
What a wonderful joy it was to enter into the various Montessori classrooms at Duang Prateep Foundation.I observe all the children engaged in various activities aiding their particular development needs.( ѹ07/05/2555 )