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   New Life Project for Girls 
This project accepts children and female youths who have been sexually abused, are homeless or orphaned, or are from a broken family. The project is a refuge and a center for rehabilitation, restoring the children's life and mental health in a safer and happier environment. It is situated in a rural setting in Kanchanaburi province.

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   Education Sponsorship 
The compulsory education is free to all children in Thailand. It is still too expensive for slum dwellers to afford as there are many items to buy to complete the syllabus assignments in a year and traveling cost. Apart from scholarship fund, the Section set life skill workshop to sponsored in a holiday or school vacation. This year,the project held the event of sponsorship ceremony on 11 May 2018 as to give moral support to the children and raise financial fund.

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Ms.Sairuong Raksachob, dpf.sponsorship@hotmail.com( ѹ18/05/2561 )
Kindergartens lie at the heart of the Duang Prateep Foundation's activities. They began as a refuge from slum conditions and slum values for young children whose parents had to leave them while they looked for work.

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   Credit Union 
The launch of the Khlong Toei Cooperative for Community Service (or credit union) as a slum dwellers bank in 1994 was an important new initiative for the Khlong Toei community and the DPF. The Cooperative has been optional finance located and directed by the member under the cooperative law.

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The Duang Prateep Foundation is most closely identified with work to support children's education. The DPF, however, is a community organization for all people of Khlong Toei Slum. The elder is important to be developed the quality of their lives in anyway. Therefore, the project set every Wednesday as the elderly club from noon to to 2 PM. The member of the club would have enjoined their lunch, chanting and some extra event. when the day , the elderly early are coming to wait for friends at the project.

Contact: dpf_found@hotmail.com( ѹ03/11/2560 )
   New Life Projects 
The pressures on slum families inevitably make their mark on the children. Many homes are the kind described as "broken". More unfortunate children have been enrolled into the two New Life Project, one is for girls in Kanchanaburi province which is 300 KM. away from Bangkok and another is for a grown up boy located in Chumporn province of the South. The children have to attend a school and do an agricultural work as life skill for better future.

Contact: dpf_found@hotmail.com( ѹ03/11/2560 )

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